Partnership & Alliances
Partnership & Alliances

Partnership & Alliances

  • Community
    Rail Alliance

    Tata Elxsi is a Silver member in the Rail Alliance which is one of the UK’s largest business-to-business rail networking organisation. This membership body uses the power of networking to help the supply base understand and access potential opportunities within the UK rail industry. As the largest membership organisation within the industry they provide information, insight, guidance and tailored assistance to understand and identify opportunities and potential partners that will mutually benefit the businesses.

  • Consortiums

    As Premium Member of the AUTOSAR Consortium, Tata Elxsi makes active contributions in multiple work groups of AUTOSAR towards the goals set by the consortium as well as enables our customers in developing solutions for their next-generation automotive electronic systems through Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR implementation, integration and maintenance support.


    Tata Elxsi is a member of the ecosystem of companies offering CHAdeMO-related products and services that work together to promote and enable electric mobility on a global scale.


    The Design Business Association (DBA) is a trade association for design in the UK. It helps to promote professional excellence through productive partnerships between commerce and the design industry. As a member of DBA enables Tata Elxsi to champion effective design which improves the quality of people's lives. Through DBA, we address mainly three areas - bringing business to design, bringing design to business and bringing design to government.


    Tata Elxsi is a supporter level member of the OSGi and leverages the standardizations and specifications for product feaure development customers in various segments, such as STB, Home gateways etc.


    With a strong focus on the automotive and infotainment segment Tata Elxsi has joined R-Car consortium to bridge the gap in the infotainment value chain. With our expertise on the media codecs, connectivity protocols, applications, RTOS and hardware we are able to provide right combination of technology and services to our automotive customer. This alliance gives our customer the desired expertise for complete solution and integration services on the infotainment system.

  • Distribution & Support Partners

    Tata Elxsi has partnered with Autodesk for Alias. This partnership enables us to extend sales and support for Autodesk’s customers in the manufacturing sector.


    Tata Elxsi’s partnership with Dell brings you value in managing mission critical Servers in Data Centers. Tata Elxsi’s experienced and dedicated Professional Services Team is spread across India in major cities.


    Close to a decade of partnership with EMC, Tata Elxsi has developed expertise in implementing complex storage solutions in mission critical environment. Tata Elxsi has team of Professional Services Engineers spread across India and abroad.


    Tata Elxsi in partnership with Microsoft bring you value in implementing Microsoft solution. Tata Elxsi’s dedicated and trained Professional Services Team can help customer in implementing Microsoft Solutions in real quick time.


    Tata Elxsi has partnered with Moldex3D to carry out in-depth simulation of a wide range of injection molding processes and optimize product designs and manufacturability. This enables us to provide our customers with instant connection to mainstream CAD systems, thereby generating a flexible simulation-driven design platform.


    Tata Elxsi is a distribution partner for Quantum. Tata Elxsi markets, resells, services and supports Quantum disk-based backup, tape and software products in India. These products will be marketed to end users, as well as other India-based value added resellers. We are also a Quantum Authorized Service Provider to provide maintenance and support services for customers and channel partners.


    Tata Elxsi has partnered with Siemens for the distribution and support of CAD, CAM, CAE, and PLM software, namely NX, NX CAM, NX Simulation, and Teamcenter. This enables our customers to address critical business imperatives.

    Silicon Graphics

    Tata Elxsi’s more than two decade partnership with Silicon Graphics, Inc. brings you value in Implementing and managing highly Compute intensive and Graphics intensive mission critical solutions across India and abroad.


    Tata Elxsi has partnered with TechViz to provide its clients with advanced visualization solutions for 3D applications. This enables the customers to accelerate the development time and planning cycle.

  • Technology partners

    Tata Elxsi has partnered with Alethea Communications Technologies for their SWAT WiCheck suite of products, which is a one stop solution for testing WiFi User Experience. This would provide our customers with a WiFi testing simulator platform ensuring great quality regardless of the scale.

    Altera Design Services

    Tata Elxsi's partnership with Altera Design Services Network gives it Access to Altera's DSN Resource Center. This is a gateway for accessing technical training and certification, free tools/IP licenses, among others. It also serves as a platform to connect FPGA deign engineers, business development, marketing, and sales team, and other interested engineers from Tata Elxsi and Altera.

    Apple Developer connection

    As a Premier Apple Developer Connection Member, Tata Elxsi has access to the latest tools and technical support needed to deliver in time. Our competence on Mac & iOS has resulted in many repeat design solution for healthcare, media & entertainment, and consumer electronics segment.


    As a member in the ARM Automotive Development Community (AADC), Tata Elxsi provides best-in-class automotive software and hardware services for the growing demands of Connected and Autonomous solutions for car OEMs and ECU suppliers.

    Brash Brands

    Tata Elxsi has partnered with UAE-based Brash to offer brand consultancy and integrated design services in India, GCC and Asian markets. Apart from real estate, the partnership would also look at catering to the sectors like hospitality and urban environments to provide branding, graphics, signage and service or experience design services.


    Accelerate the adoption of new technologies with early access to verification solutions, tools and methodologies. Tata Elxsi worked extensively on complete chip design flow using cadence tools along with tool expertise our well-defined process and checklists that ensure the effectiveness of design verification and validation.


    Tata Elxsi uses AMC form factor cards from CommAgility for solution development. CommAgility is a leading manufacturer of signal processing AMC modules for wireless baseband applications, combining flexible CPRI/OBSAI antenna interfaces, the latest TI DSPs and Xilinx FPGAs, and high bandwidth on and off-card communications using Serial RapidIO, PCI Express and Ethernet.


    Tata Elxsi’s partnership with DiSTI facilitates it to deliver high fidelity, feature-rich 2D and 3D graphical user interfaces. The GL studio enables our design team to rapidly prototype advanced GUI which seamlessly transitions with the target system, enabling ISO 26262 instrument clusters, infotainment head units, RSE and connected car application interfaces.


    Tata Elxsi is playing a key role in ETSI OSM through the launch of TEOSM.

    ETSI OSM is amenable for mobile (4G/ 5G), fixed and converged networks. Tata Elxsi is bringing additional value to the MANO, like closed loop operations driven by pragmatic analytics and ability to plug in hybrid cloud in addition to advanced features to enable 5G native solutions. Tata Elxsi's TEOSM also offers a robust platform to configure, deploy, secure, monitor and manage virtualized and software defined networks that are instrumental for real time monitoring of operations in the future. A real-time view of the health of data centers in dashboard adds more visibility to the user.


    Tata Elxsi, an authorized codec partner and supplier on QorIQ platform, delivers high quality and optimized codecs. Our clients have competitive advantage of test lab set up equipped with the latest hardware and software tools to verify and validate complete solution on the Freescale’s communication processor.

    Our expertise and services on Freescale platform is not limited to communication processor (Conferencing Gateway, VoIP phones), Tata Elxsi has a diverse portfolio of design and development activity addressing various industry verticals like Automotive (Infotainment Head Unit, Gateway ECU), Wireless (Baseband solution), and consumer electronics (Tablets, Media Players). We also offer L1 and L2/L3 software solutions on Freescale DSPs and host processors, along with small cell designs.

    Google cloud

    Tata Elxsi is a Technology track partner with Google cloud for integrating FalconEye, Tata Elxsi’s patent pending solution suite, with Google cloud and extending its reach to customers in the Broadcasting domain. Tata Elxsi is also a Services track partner with Google for providing consulting, training, implementation and technical support services to Google cloud products.

    Green Hills

    Tata Elxsi today provides integrated eCockpit solutions based on the INTEGRITY Real Time Operating System and INTEGRITY Multivisor virtualization from Green Hills Software for customers across the globe. The INTEGRITY RTOS is architected as a foundation for safety critical applications with absolute minimal latency. System virtualization is provided by INTEGRITY Multivisor. These solutions support almost all the popular SoCs on which Tata Elxsi has production and R&D experiences, working with OEMs and Suppliers across the world.


    Tata Elxsi in partnership with Imagination technologies to enable the users of MIPS and Graphic Processors, Tata Elxsi provides software optimization, porting, customization, and integration services on these platforms.


    Tata Elxsi uses AMC cards from Interphase for developing broadband wireless software solutions. Interphase delivers customers best in class solutions for connectivity, interworking, packet processing, electronic manufacturing services, and electronic engineering design services.


    Tata Elxsi is preferred SI partner for addressable TV advertising solution. Tata Elxsi runs their engineering centre for development in India.

    Tata Elxsi works closely with Invidi on their product enhancements and also has joint GTM plans to bring  addressable television capabilities to pay TV operators in India, Asia-Pacific and MEA.

    IOT Solutions Alliances

    Tata Elxsi’s membership with Intel Embedded Alliance membership provides its engineering teams with access to the latest technology, devices and SDK from Intel. Tata Elxsi enables customers with a world-class professional engineering team across technologies and industries, trained on the latest Intel platforms and technologies. This allows our customers reduce development effort and time-to-market for their products and solutions.


    Irdeto is a pioneer in digital platform and application security, with its software security technology and cyber services protecting more than 2 billion devices against cyberattacks for some of the world’s best known brands. For nearly 50 years, Irdeto has worked with software application providers, connected device manufacturers, pay media operators and content creators to secure their products and business models. Combining patented technologies and services, the Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive solution helps automakers and tier-one suppliers protect their brand and save costs in the battle against cybercriminals by creating a secure, tamper-proof environment for vehicle software. Irdeto, a subsidiary of Naspers (JSE: NPN), is headquartered in the Netherlands with more than 15 locations worldwide. Tata Elxsi would be the global System Integration & Design Engineering Services partner for Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive solution


    Tata Elxsi utilizes hardware platforms from Kontron for development. Kontron offers industry leading embedded computing platforms, which helps us provide accelerated embedded solution development for OEMs and system integrators.


    Tata Elxsi is a Lattice semiconductor design partner. This partnership enables us to offer Lattice FPGA-based systems to a broader range of industrial and automotive clients. Tata Elxsi has a deep understanding of a wide range of Lattice product lines and its tools. We apply the best-in-class design methodologies in FPGA design and implementation to support our customers, owing to our long association with leading companies. We complement the design efforts of in-house R&D teams, helping the customer reduce product development time and costs considerably.


    Tata Elxsi is an authorised System Integration Service partners for Mathworks and extensively uses this diverse product-line to cater multiple production programs of OEMs and suppliers in the automotive ecosystem. The services include modelling, simulation, auto-code generation, calibration and validation for AUTOSAR based intricate Electronic Control System software.

    Mentor Graphics

    Tata Elxsi’s partnership with Mentor Graphics entitles it with free access to Mentor Graphics’ simulator tools/ Software like Model sim/ Questa prime for our internal training. This enables us to ramp up the team for any new projects within a short period of time and upgrade our engineers for effective usage of latest changes in tools thereby reducing the verification time for the customer.


    Tata Elxsi and NI, formerly National Instruments Corporation, collaborates for brininging cost effective and smart test solutions for validation of ECU's in Transportation industry.  NI compliments Tata Elxsi's investments done in intelligent automation frameworks and test infrastructure by provding test equipments that helps customers reduce their validation time thereby reducing cost and time to market.


    As an OCF member company, Tata Elxsi brings with it early access to resources for certification and testing for interoperability and development support for OCF stack. We have been actively working on IoTivity protocol, developing simulation tools to help companies validate their OCF implementations. Through the partnerships, Tata Elxsi helps smart device manufacturers define a standard model for IoT devices, applications and services. 


    Polaris Networks provides EPC solution, which enables Tata Elxsi to offer an integrated solution to its customers.


    Tata Elxsi has partnered with Qualcomm for building IoT solutions targeted at smart homes, healthcare, connected cars, and smart public spaces.

    Qualcomm Hexagon

    Tata Elxsi has tied up with Qualcomm to help the users of QDSP - Hexagon platform get optimal software porting services on the Hexagon DSP’s. Being the only service company to have entered into the Hexagon partnership with Qualcomm, Tata Elxsi provides software optimization, porting, customization, and integration services on the Hexagon platform DSPs.

    Our teams are completely trained and ready to provide solution on Hexagon, using early access to DSP Programming Tools and Simulator. The RTOS and Firmware Framework Support are provided as platform enablement for custom components. Our prolonged contacts within the support team at Qualcomm ensure faster resolution of technical issues.


    Tata Elxsi being a preferred plus member of RDKM enhances their involvement & visibility within the RDK community by leveraging the key program benefits - strategic collaboration, exclusive access, training and technical support to successfully launch RDK. Tata Elxsi has  branding and promotional opportunities - joint media content development, Webinars and complimentary event sponsorship as part of this membership. Tata Elxsi  is collaborating with RDKM for operator specific solutions and joint workshops for prospective customers.


    Partnership for the Renesas Synergy and RA platform, is aimed to help clients improve the speed, quality and cost of IoT product development. Tata Elxsi is having deep expertise on synergy and RA platform and this partnership takes full advantage of Tata Elxsi’s award-winning design capability, in-depth expertise in system development, connectivity, software and cloud enablement and deep understanding of all layers of Synergy software platforms, ThreadX RTOS, Free RTOS, hardware platforms, functional safety (IEC61508) and tool chain


    Tata Elxsi is an accredited delivery partner for Rightware in the Kanzi Partner Program (KPP). This partnership would open communication channels managed by Rightware to interact with Kanzi experts. This would help us in delivering design methodology, innovative visual contents with usability testing and validation, thereby enabling futuristic displays in a vehicle.


    Tata Elxsi utilizes compact radios from Signalion for integration with its COTS based reference/custom solutions. Signalion offers test and measurement products and services for wireless communications along with highly specialized consulting services in mobile communications.


    Spirent is the go-to-market partner for Tata Elxsi’s V2X solution. This partnership brings together Tata Elxsi's patent pending V2X Emulator software with Spirent's advanced solutions for GNSS and radio channel simulation. This would help customers by bringing real-world traffic scenarios into the lab, thereby significantly reducing cost and time associated with extensive field testing.


    Tata Elxsi and Syntiant Corp., a deep learning chip technology company, partnered to help manufacturers design and develop low-power always-on voice applications across multiple product categories, such as smart home devices and consumer electronics, as well as industrial and automotive use cases. Tata Elxsi through its AI Centre of Excellence brings in capability in AI framework customization, Neural network optimization on low footprint devices. Tata Elxsi and Syntiant aim to provide end-to-end solutions and services for customers using Syntiant's deep learning Neural Decision Processors™ to enable low-power AI optimization in edge devices easily.

    Texas Instruments

    Tata Elxsi in partnership with Texas Instruments has access to the latest chipsets, software libraries, tools and technical support. Our competence in LTE L1 has resulted in many design solutions for public safety.


    Tata Elxsi’s partnership with Thirdwayv gives it access to FDA cleared end-to-end IoT security solutions for connected medical devices. Thirdwayv products enable medical device manufacturers to meet FDA cybersecurity guidelines by integrating with its SDKs.


    Voiro is Tata Elxsi’s preferred solution partner for revenue optimisation and workflow automation for Ad led companies.

    Tata Elxsi has demonstrated their solution in events and also succesufully deployed their solution with one of our key customers. Joint GTM plans are in place to further extend the relationship across AdTech space.


    Tata Elxsi is a 3PL Certification Partner & Widevine CAS system Integrator. Tata Elxsi offers world class test labs enabling seamless validations and certifications.

    As a valued ecosystem partner for Android TV Tata Elxsi jointly works with Google in increasing Android adoption across geographies.