What is 123movies and how to use it correctly

Opportunities & Challenges

In 2015, the website 123movies appeared online, where all Internet users can watch their favorite movie or series for free. The portal regularly features new movies that are just coming to theaters and rarities. Users get access to HD1080p and higher resolution, or they can watch new releases in the lowest quality, shot on camera. As the site gained popularity, it began to be blocked by ISPs at the request of copyright holders. Developers regularly change addresses, the name of the portal, but continue their work. By the Wikipedia information in 2018, the site shut down. The most popular pirate portal in the world was forced to stop its work due to criminal prosecution. Numerous copies of the portal began to appear online.


How to watch movies and TV series on 123movies

The 123movies platform is designed so that everything is intuitive. The user, getting on the main page, immediately sees the covers of movies and serials with titles. He can start watching the film he is interested in just in two clicks: click on the picture, and then run the player. If you want to search for a particular video, you can use the search line by typing the title into it. The portal is divided by genre and country. There is a separate category - series and TV shows, where you can find all the released series and records. Before you watch a movie, you can read a short description, read reviews and study the rating on the movie page.


What you'll find on a movie or series page

There is a separate page for each movie, which gives you complete information about it. Here you'll find links to the official trailers uploaded by the creators on Youtube, a brief description of the film and information about the actors and crew. Users can write their reviews about the movie they watched and rate it. If you click on the actor or director's name, his biography and filmography will be available. Users can find more movies with the same actor, see all the works of the same director. On the film page, the player is placed, which must be run to start watching the movie online. Inside it, you can choose a dubbing or subtitling option if multiple versions of the video are available. Unlike the movie player, the TV series will have the option to select the season and series.

Video quality on 123movies

The 123movies portal features a wide variety of movies and TV series in terms of quality. The owners always try to add movies in the highest resolution, but if a novelty has just been released, it probably will not be distinguished by good parameters and picture. In the player, you can bump the available formats from the worst to the best. In some cases, premieres are uploaded to the site, which are filmed in the cinema hall on a smartphone. Such videos have a twitchy image, may lose audio or cut off the plot. As soon as a better version of the footage appears, the owners update the content. The site has movies and series in the original language, with dubbing or subtitles. You can select the appropriate version, if there are multiple versions, at the beginning of viewing in the player. For those who study the language or like to watch movies in their original language, this feature will be especially useful.


Why 123movies was shut down in 2018 and what happened next

Just a few months after its inception, 123movies became famous around the world.  The source of pirated content contained a unique amount of information, so it was instantly loved by users. The owners of the rights to movies and TV series did not like it, so they began to ask for help from the authorities, writing complaints. In response to their demands, providers in all parts of the world began to start blocking the resource from users. The developers found a way out. It was obtained by permanently changing the address of the portal. Since then, access to 123movies is provided through mirrors. The owners had to end the project in 2018, when the United States began to calculate the source of pirated content. A famous criminal case began in Vietnam. The U.S. was able to establish that the site is hosted on servers in Ukraine, and the work with them comes from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Vietnam.

The owners had to close the 123movie portal, leaving a message with a recommendation to respect the rights of those who create movies and series. After the high-profile termination of the legendary resource, numerous clones of the site began to appear online. They are very similar to the original, but have a smaller base of content at their disposal. Currently, the active copies are constantly blocked by providers, but their creators restore access through mirror addresses.


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