Orchestration Services


Network Orchestration Services

Orchestration Services




Open source based automation to design, orchestrate, operate & manage the virtual services lifecycle


Streamlined design, instantiation and operations in the hybrid network with modular capabilities powered by OSM, including VNF on boarding, service design and creation, active inventory and closed loop operations


Cloud-native, hosted development environment, supported by advanced operations and administration tools and expert services for rapid, cost-effective testing and validation of VNFs, and for trailing OSM

Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities & Challenges

Operators need to come up with automated ways to provision services to consumers, and quick methods of deploying new types of services. They need to monitor operation and health in real time, and let the system notify and even take care of degradations itself, as they begin.

Service Framework

Network Orchestration Services
Network Agility
Customized tools for installation, upgradation, and monitoring of VNFs
Faster service lifecycle resulting in a better user experience
NetOps driven tooling approach for plug-and-play and isolation capabilities
Easy to cater to new services and capacity-hungry applications
Rapid Development and Vendor Independence
UI driven approach for modelling and maintenance
A higher level of control for sustainable transformation
Improved network provisioning efficiency


The low footprint nature of TEOSM makes it ideal for Edge and on premise enterprise orchestration

Apart from TEOSM, Tata Elxsi has enablers such as

TEATOM – 5G aware, software centric Devops framework

TECLAYBOT - NFVO test automation framework

TEGALLOP - Puppet based framework to deploy and maintain IT applications.


This ecosystem of frameworks gives us enablers as well as the technical understanding to automate and work from vendor delivery, certification to deployment of Telco and IT apps


Benefits to the Customer


  • Simplify the deployment and maintenance of service and slices for customer and take this towards the holy grail of Zero Touch Automation. 
  • Easy, Fast, Live upgrade, downgrade, rollback of services.
  • Quality controlled with over 1000 test cases
  • Lean micro-services and model driven, based on ETSI standards 
  • Long term support for enhancements and updates based on open source community


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