Smart appliance for homes with tata elxsi

Smart appliance for homes of Future

Intelligent | Interoperable | Personalized



Provide a differentiated product to the future consumer
  • Design experience around future living and connected health
  • Develop and deploy enhanced food preparation and storage systems
  • AI, IoT, analytics platform integration and interoperability with OCF standards

Speed up development and beat the competition to market 
  • Customizable, scalable and secure cloud-agnostic platform solutions
  • Reduce app development time by 40% with a robust app framework for mobile devices
  • Enhance software testing with test automation platform that automates 60% of software-defined test cases

Delightful consumer experience 
  • Unique and personal experience for every family member 
  • Design personalized and multi-modal user interactions for a broad group of users
  • Best-in-class platforms and applications integrated and customized based on consumer needs

Artificial Intelligence

Speed-up product development through our cognitive video services 
  • Applications like a virtual personal nutritionist, gesture recognition, personalized robotic cleaners, and auto wash cycle setting
  • AIVA: Tata Elxsi’s AI-based Video Analytics platform with over 500 predefined classes for consumer applications 

Bring real-time Intelligence to edge devices
  • Low Memory Consumption – By removing CAFFE or Tensorflow package
  • Deployment methodology ensuring optimizations related to computing resources as well as latency
  • Ensure data security – By local data processing

High-quality data annotation for training AI models
  • Standard QA methods and processes for appliance data annotation
  • Highly secure data management practices



Be open to adapt & identify consumers dynamic lifestyle
  • Industrial design, ergonomics, and interfaces
  • New concept innovation and rapid prototyping

Build empathetic devices
  • Design empathetic UX/UI, which encourages healthy use of personal devices
  • Empathize with user’s mental health to identify need gaps in digital wellbeing through well-defined user journeys

Product localization and new market expansion
  • Through user-centric research and consumer insight for CMF strategy
  • Engineering design – product detailing, system architecture, feature add-on, and value engineering  


Energy-saving solutions for refrigeration and HVAC systems
  • CFD analysis report with details of flow and temperature distribution, test validation report
  • Automated CFD analysis & report generation software  

A model-based design approach for quick engineering
  • Plant model and controller algorithm using MATLAB/ Simulink environment
  • Vibration reduction of washer dryer systems through model-based analysis and control algorithm development

Design improvements through CAE simulations
  • Optimized airflow design with simulation with human models
  • Analysis and recommendation of parts integrity under the real usage conditions for drop test simulation



Build the foundations for digital enablement of home appliances
  • Integration on a multitude of platforms (Renesas, Qualcomm, Intel, Custom PCB)
  • Sensor recommendation and sensor fusion
  • Experience in integrating sensors like camera, humidity, LIDAR, gas detection into consumer products

Leverage our over 20 years experience in developing system software's
  • Short range connectivity solutions for WiFi, BLE, NFC, and ZigBee
  • Secure bootloaders and drivers for ensuring security at the device level 

Multiple product expertise and industry standards compliances
  • Expertise across refrigeration, washer dryer, vacuum cleaners, and HVAC systems
  • Compliant towards electrical standards like EN 50366, EN 60335-1 


Achieve commercialization goals with an optimized testing process
  • Adopt automation in the testing process for accelerated deployment

Comprehensive and reliable Verification & Validation program 
  • Dedicated test infrastructure and customizable test environment to ensure product quality throughout its lifecycle
  • Thorough testing against product and/or functional requirements, maintaining complete traceability across the project lifecycle
Test environment setup
  • Robotic cleaner test environment
  • Test bed for home appliance simulations for interoperability testing



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