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Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Proactive | Thorough | Effective


Drive operational efficiency to fulfil increased demand for drug safety and monitoring 
  • Intelligent automation of labour-intensive high volume tasks for increased efficiency
  • Labour arbitrage outsourcing and transaction-based model resulting in lower costs

Evolving regulatory standards, volume surges, and increasing complexities
  • Volume surges managed by capacity flexibility and by adding scalability to accommodate growing product portfolios
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise across various specialties and deep regulatory and compliance operations to handle ever-increasing data complexities

Meticulous safety documentation and reviews for timely submission, product launch & retaining market share 
  • Consolidation and standardization of internal processes to streamline safety documentation 
  • Ensure increased visibility and predictability with centralized program management


Design | Standardize | Implement

Cross-functional collaboration to cope with evolving regulatory landscape
  • Centralized project management ensuring seamless collaboration across the enterprise and maintaining accuracy and integrity across the supply chain
  • Inter-disciplinary expertise (regulatory, packaging and labeling) and ready-to-use customizable assets for supporting global labeling operations and shortening approval cycle

Standardize and automate labeling workflow for improved operational efficiency
  • Harmonize labeling processes to minimize turnaround time and increase production quality
  • Automated label proof-reading tool catering to a variety of options to anticipate changing demand for packaging and labeling configurations

Sustainable and safe packaging solutions complying with the latest regulatory requirements
  • Sustainable packaging design to ensure patient safety, longer product shelf life, brand authenticity, and increased barrier threshold


Intelligent | Automated | Robust


Transition to Pharma 4.0 to enhance internal efficiency and grow bottom-line
  • Business empathy-driven consulting framework to rapidly prototype and validate the solutions
  • Accelerated time to market with AI-driven drug discovery processes

Optimize time and resources across the drug development lifecycle
  • Deploy solutions for organic synthesis and design, computer-assisted retrosynthesis and synthesis, automation of molecule design, personalized medicine
  • Predictive models for drug performance in testing, organic reaction outcomes, toxicity before clinical trial outcomes, synthetic complexity

Improve the productivity of clinical trials, commercialization, and pharmacovigilance
  • Predicting drug effect using biomarkers and electronic health data​
  • Dose management and optimization
  • Drug classification based on different adverse event potentials before trials
  • ML-based smart clinical trial design​
  • Advanced analytics on prescription data to improve the sale
  • ML-based segmentation of customers, doctors, hospitals, pricing for gaining unforeseen insights
  • Adverse effects monitoring, reporting ​using NLP and OCR, prioritizing triage based on severity​, ML model predicting adverse events before-hand

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