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Rail Design & Engineering Services

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The Rail industry is undergoing massive transformation triggered by the convergence of technologies to achieve cost-efficiency, robust designs, adherence to safety standards, and vehicle static tests. The industry is looking forward to operating towards more connected and resource-efficient systems that can converge towards a fully integrated digital railway system. Tata Elxsi has the promising technologies and innovations that can potentially transform the Rail industry to reimagine products and services through design thinking and application of various digital technologies.








Industrial Design


Today, urbanization is adding pressure on the already choked rail infrastructure that needs new or upgraded infrastructure. Tata Elxsi offers strategic design services for creating enhanced passenger experiences through
  • Concept design for metro rail and locomotives
  • Modelling & visualization for concept & production surface modelling, photorealistic renderings, AR/VR demo, and animations
  • Human factors for cab & saloon physical ergonomics & assessment
  • Full scale engineered mockup build

Service Design

Create memorable customer experiences by analyzing impediments, identifying opportunities, improving processes, and creating unified solutions
  • Universal inclusive design for commuters with reduced mobility
  • Wayfinding and signage design
  • Digital visual communication
  • Interior graphic application and CMF (Color, material & finish)



Addresses strategic activities for customer success through
  • Bid support & requirement engineering
  • Concept, preliminary and detailed design
  • Operability & model-based system engineering
  • Sub-system engineering

Enhance design, software & safety-critical systems through
  • Vehicle engineering
  • Systems & functions
  • Mechanical & electromechanical systems
  • Train control and management system (TCMS)
  • System integration & installation
  • Electrical routing & wire harness


Transition of railway signalling from conventional to fully connected digital railway 
  • TCSM integration with signalling systems
  • European train control system (ETCS)
  • Communication based train control (CBTC)

Automation of Train systems 
  • Automatic train operation (ATO)
  • Automatic train protection (ATP)
  • Automatic warning system (AWS)



Digitization promises to revolutionize
rail infrastructure and deliver intelligent solutions
for connected rail transportation. 
  • Secure train and TCMS configuration 
  • Big data analytics for predictive maintenance 
  • Enhancing customer journey and internet of trains
  • Special purpose AI integrated solutions

Cyber Security

Mitigating current and future security vulnerabilities
  • IEC 62443 Cyber security standard
  • Geographical country specific security policy compliances

Redefining products and services to meet cyber security requirements
  • Establish security requirements
  • Security compliant
    • Rail system functional design
    • Software implementation
  • Risk assessment and threat identification in rail systems
    • High level & detailed security assessments and risk matrix
    • Network segmentation
  • Development of network intrusion detection system



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