Call Incidence Record (CIR) Prediction

Call Incidence Record (CIR) Prediction


  • Long-standing chronic issue (1.5 years infield) causing random reboots of 70k STBs per month
  • Huge data (100 MB log/ STB with 20 TB data/ month) collected, but unused


  • Tata Elxsi’s framework used for pattern recognition in the logs
  • Processed 200+ parameters in real-time from the STBs
  • Our AI framework predicted the STBs which rebooted before a two-hour window
  • We also provided the parameters required to be controlled to avoid the reboot
  • “Digital forensic” and “Entropy Analysis” performed for tracking parameter-wise anomaly


  • Identified potential root causes of failure
  • Achieved 67% accuracy in identifying the issue with a false alarm rate of 2%
  • Resolution of the chronic issue by the engineering teams, due to the inputs provided