Predictive Analytics on Cable System Interfaces

Predictive Analytics on Cable System Interfaces


  • Subscribers were facing video quality issues like video freeze, tiling, macro-blocking
  • The problems were known after customer complains
  • MTTR peaked to 14 - 16 hours
  • Field engineers had to hop to multiple locations to find the root cause


  • Built an automated solution using our predictive analytics framework to predict the problematic interface using network and box data
  • Integrated the solution to a dashboard which provided a unified view, along with real-time alerts
  • Centralized monitoring was set up to predict faulty CMTS interfaces
  • Plugged-in live at the customer location, with an accuracy of up to 82% across frequencies

Results & Benefits

  • Reduced MTTR from hours to minutes
  • Reduced the service call volumes
  • Radically improved customer experience
  • Huge ROI for the operator due to the reduced operating costs