SoC Development for High End Digital Camera

SoC Development for High End Digital Camera

The Customer:

Leading Consumer Electronics OEM based in Japan, specialized in the manufacturing of imaging and optical products; including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment.

Project Description & Scope:

  • To build a high end DSLR camera chip to produce very high resolution output
  • Project scope translated to complete chip design from engagement on partial product development
  • Tata Elxsi was chosen for complete SoC development, starting from architecture definition to GDSII
Scope of Work
  • Spec definition
  • RTL design
  • Synthesis
  • OVM based verification
  • Pre Si Validation
  • Firmware and Driver development
FPGA prototype Scope of work: Firmware
  • Ported Proprietary OS for the SoC
  • Customization of OS for SoC and Drivers
  • Boot Mechanism
  • From Boot ROM or Remote System
  • Device Drivers

The Solution:

  • Specs to GDSII key highlights:
    • 2.5 million gates SoC, 133MHz, 90nm
    • RTL design, STA, Verification (System and module level)
    • Firmware, device driver development
    • Pre-silicon validation: FPGA prototyping
    • Post-silicon validation: ES testing
    • OVM Verification Methodology with 100% verification coverage
  • Customized flow set up for the customer at Tata Elxsi ODC
  • FPGA prototype boards were designed and developed by Tata Elxsi and followed by complete System Validation

Business Benefits:

  • Excellent development partnership with benefits in terms of reduced time to market for product, lower operational cost and risk
  • Engagement started with 4 on-site engineers at customer location and transformed into an ODC engagement with a peak team of 55 engineers, showcasing Tata Elxsi’s commitment toward turn-key product development
  • Customized methodology set up as per the need of the customer reducing the development time for derivative chips
  • Dedicated Program Management team at customer location with core execution team offshore
  • Cost effective new design Implementations
  • Long term partnership for derivative products and extensive cost saving via component reuse enabled customer to gain market leadership (product launch ahead of the competition)
  • Dedicated JST (Japan support team) to address the communication needs of the customer