ETSI Open-Source MANO (OSM)
based Solutions and Services

Subscribers want their new services set up and running in no time and operate at high performance, without any downtime. Additionally, they want no issues, and for the few that do crop up, they expect it to be resolved immediately without having a technician visit their premises.

Operators need to come up with automated ways to provision services to consumers, and quick methods of deploying new types of services. They need to monitor operation and health in real time, and let the system notify and even take care of degradations itself, as they begin.

The only way to meet these stringent demands is to virtualize every network function possible and have a robust platform to configure, deploy, secure, monitor and manage these.

Open-Source MANO (OSM) is an ETSI-hosted project to develop an Open Source NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) software stack aligned with ETSI NFV. OSM orchestrates and efficiently manages the operations of NFV based data-centres.


TE-OSM (Easy, Fast, Live)

Tata Elxsi’s hardened OSM distribution is amenable for mobile (4G/ 5G), fixed and converged networks. TE-OSM is a carrier-grade orchestrator with hybrid cloud pluggability, easily customizable VNF deployment, and lifecycle management routines. It also offers an intuitive UX to get a real-time view of your data center’s health.

TE-OSM provides multi-tenant support to cater to multi-enterprise scenarios required by operators.

Coupled with VNF and Service lifecycle management with DevOps and NetOps principles, TE-OSM distribution offers:

  • Failure detection and automated correction
  • Signing mechanism for tamper proof security
  • Isolated testing and debugging of VNF and other components


The GUI has a colossal design library of network elements and interfaces, enabling the customers to easily design a customized topology.

With deep expertise in the design and deployment of orchestration and management layers for operators across the globe, Tata Elxsi offers consulting services to operators, including:

  • Drag and Drop GUI for NFV and new topology configuration
  • Physical deployment over various NFVI
  • Ease of installation and upgrade
  • Ease of connection to common services like LDAP and SSO
  • OpenStack and Kubernetes based Orchestration
  • State of the data centre dashboard
  • NFV performance monitoring and alerts
  • Service resilience, healing, failover
  • Service chaining
  • Auto-scaling and monitoring
  • DevOps for production management including Blue-Green deployment, A/B testing

Features of TE-OSM

Network Agility

  • Customized tools for installation, upgradation, and monitoring of VNFs
  • Faster service lifecycle resulting in a better user experience


  • Netops driven tooling approach for plug-and-play and isolation capabilities
  • Easy to cater to new services and capacity-hungry applications
  • Rapid Development and Vendor Independence


  • UI driven approach for modeling and maintenance
  • A higher level of control for sustainable transformation
  • Improved network provisioning efficiency

OSM Based Services


Tata Elxsi understands the REST APIs exposed by OSM and can help integrators in seamless integration of software modules.

Our service offerings, along with TE-OSM helps in addressing the pain points of integrators.

  • E2E system integration and certification of NG BSS/OSS, middleware, orchestrators, SD-WAN and SDN-IoT platforms
  • Multi-vendor inter-op testing, solution benchmarking
  • Post-deployment managed services through network operations support – Level-2, Level-3 Support and operation automation frameworks
  • VNFs certification for cloud nativity
  • Consulting and design for a staged transition with reference architectures and use case solutioning embracing latest technologies
  • Pre-deployment test automation using frameworks and ready-to-use test scripts
  • Private/ hybrid cloud installations and solutions roll-out


Support to OEMs

Manufacturers of smart switches and data-center fabrics need to ensure their devices work flawlessly with modern configuration and management tools. OEMs can leverage Tata Elxsi’s expertise in validating the VNFs and PNFs within the framework of OSM in the service chaining scenario and help OEMs expedite time to market of their networking products.


TE-OSM roadmap takes a two-pronged strategic approach:

  • Strong presence in the community to enable timely releases of Open Source Mano releases. This includes code contribution as well as participation in the weekly meetings, Hackfest, and online forums
  • The continuous evolution of the bouquet of services around TE-OSM, to further enable Integrators, OEMs and Operators in their respective transformational journeys.

Quarterly releases of upgrades in TE-OSM is planned to integrate these additional features and to align with the open-source community.


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